Software-Defined Wired Area Network

Application Optimization
Application Optimization

Monitors and selects the best performing network paths for better app performance.

Dynamic WAN Selection
Dynamic WAN Selection

Preserves application performance based on pre-set thresholds.

Dynamic IPSec Deployment
Dynamic IPSec Deployment

Enables end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission over public networks.

The power of SD-WAN & Orchestration

NINEXT Cloud offers a customizable SD-WAN solution that includes an easy-to-use Orchestration system. It combines various features like live failover, bandwidth merging, secure packet encryption, and load balancing. It works with any standard x86 device, and you can easily integrate your preferred Virtual Firewall (NFV) option.

SD-WAN live failover

SD-WAN from NINEXT Cloud adjusts in real-time to changes that might affect application performance. In this video demo, you can see how NINEXT Cloud SD-WAN smoothly handles a complete transport outage without any interruption to a Teams video call between Lagos and Abuja offices.

Your choice of Hardware

NINEXT Cloud SD-WAN software is compatible with any x86 device, giving you freedom of choice and lower set-up costs.

A soft client app is available for remote users and cost-effective hardware devices for SME’s and the largest enterprise. A large range of devices have been tested including Qotom, Juniper NFX, Cisco, Quanta, and Silicom, to name a few.


Built-in dashboards and
real-time analytics

NINEXT Cloud software includes customisable dashboards and powerful built-in analytics. Improve customer satisfaction and retention with real-time visibility of devices, circuits, and cloud.


Extend your Network Globally

Extend your network beyond your physical footprint. NINEXT Cloud global SD-WAN aggregators allow you to easily select, price and provision services in 16 countries with 60+ Points of Presence (POPS).


Multi-tenant scalability

NINEXT Cloud's multi-tenant SD-WAN solution allows hosting multiple customers on a shared platform. Each customer gets a private WAN to ensure data security. This technology helps enhance operational efficiency, scalability, and reduces upfront costs. You can even generate additional revenue by charging your wholesale customers for access.